Our experience

Proved experience in exploration and as guides in excursions in kayak in Venezuela as a commercial activity since 2001, especially with beginners.

Since our foundation we have accumulated a level of knowledge of kayak and aquatic spaces in Venezuela which is translated as the true value of Biotrek for our clients, which we could summarize as good judgment, technical abilities and great experience.

We are in capacity to offer a greater amount and varieties of destinies for kayak, in agreement with any physical or technical level of our clients. From one to fifteen continuous days of activity or nontraditional expeditions in kayak to any place of our geography, with impeccable record of security.

Our experience is product of an exclusive dedication to kayak of passage in Venezuela, with more than 40 trips per year, more than 100 days of navigation every year and a mobilization of more than 300 passengers annually.

Phone Numbers: 0212-3476475 / 0424-1649125 Pin BB 20A371A5 E-mail : info@kayakvenezuela.com