Why travelling with Biotrek?

Because of our verified experience travelling in kayak to remote zones of Venezuela, mainly with clients without previous experience (and obvious also with experts). Because we explore and prove exhaustively every route in kayak before offering it to our clients.

Product of those explorations, our destinies –which we illustrate in details in our web site- work nowadays as the first GUIDE OF KAYAK of passage in Venezuela. With classifications by zone, duration and level of experience, that serves so that others use these routes for their personal trips.

Because we invested a great amount of resources to qualify ourselves in international programs of kayak of sea, in planning and strategies for expeditions in kayak, techniques of navigation in kayak, group dynamics in remote zones, first aid courses, meteorology courses and techniques working in groups and leadership, among others.

We offer programs in kayak in Venezuela for beginners, families and experts, from a day up to three weeks, and also design special trips.

When participating in our expeditions in kayak your will learn what this exciting sport really consists in. We will travel with the tides, you will learn on winds, maneuvers of security and rescues in kayak, as well as how to plan and organize your own trip.

Because we are a Venezuelan company, with Venezuelan kayak guides, who directly operate their trips and we feel proud of that.

The quality of our equipments, imported kayaks of expedition (Necky, Perception, Wilderness System), singles and doubles with rudder, cellular phones, radio transmission of marine band, satellite navigation equipments (GPS Garmin), rescue equipment, flares, camping equipments, camping kitchen, in addition to our enabled personnel, makes us a solid company of trips in kayak in Venezuela.

We are prepared and well equipped to realize genuine trips in kayak in Venezuela in a totally independent form. We can develop exploratory trips in kayak or any other in accordance to your particular interest and availability. We are ready to start off.

We are navigating all year long in kayak in Venezuela, exploring, or travelling with our clients. As well as it happens with airplane pilots, navigation hours are those who finally constitute experience and mark the difference.

Because we are a well recognized company all over our country as the first specialized in trips in kayak in Venezuela. Pioneers in opening many of the routes for trips in kayak that today exist, and the first company to impart courses of kayak in the country.

Because of our knowledge on special places, which appear reflected in our web page as a photographic evidence of our trips in kayak.

In conclusion, besides enjoying a pleasant navigation in kayak, you will learn an exciting sport and how to make it safe.

Phone Numbers: 0212-3476475 / 0424-1649125 Pin BB 20A371A5 E-mail : info@kayakvenezuela.com