Do I need kayaking experience?
What type of Physical condition do I need to be in?
How much paddling will we do each day?
What is the food like?
What type of weather can be expected?
What type of kayaks do you use?
What is provided and what do I need to bring with me?
How many people are on your trips?
What type of people are on your trips?
How do I register for a trip?
What's included in the cost of the tour?  
What are your guides like?  
What can I expect the other guests to be like?  
I'm travelling alone, is that OK?   
Is there an age limit and can I bring my kids?
Is it safe?   
Do you do custom tours?     
Is there a group discount?     
What's easier kayaking?    
What if I want vegetarian meals... Do I have to bring my own food?    
What kind of meals can we expect?     
When is the best time to go?     
What are the campsites like?    
What are the chances of seeing wildlife?  
What about bugs?    
How stable are the kayaks? What is the likely hood of flipping over? 
What if the weather turns bad? Will I be comfortable and warm?   
Where do we wash? Are there toilets?  
Is it appropriate to tip the guides?   

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