Suggestions to choose your supplier of adventure tourism

WE RECOMMEND YOU THAT BEFORE choosing your adventure tourism supplier to investigate about its experience, security and qualifications.

Mainly because of lack of regulation and certifications on quality in tourism services in Venezuela, it could be dangerous to base your decision only in a good web page.

- Ask for recommendations of other companies of the same rubric about the company or instructor that you are considering to contract.

- Remember that it is not sufficient to have a good dominion of techniques to be qualified as a guide of a group during risk activities.

- Ask for “demonstrable” experience of its guides or instructors on different surroundings. The guide should not be only an instructor which travels with a group a friends or who always navigates in the same scene, or he who only does it once in a while. Nor that one who makes passages of few hours or only during day time. Inform yourself about his “demonstrable” experience travelling with clients.

- Find out about qualification of the guide. It´s not enough with a general course of the sport or first aids a few years ago, neither to have practiced the discipline a few times to denominate himself as a guide or instructor.

- Investigate which is the “demonstrable” experience of the company developing own programs in each discipline. Offering qualification to others, handling groups in varied atmospheres and its experience with international clients, who forces greater standards of quality.

- Consultation on the “demonstrable” experience of the company travelling to the destination selected by you. Find out about how many times they have made the same trip with clients and the season in which you deserve to travel.

- Contract a specialized company that operates all year; it may be a risk to contract someone who only operates eventually.

- Investigate if the guides of the selected company will be able to aid you in any possible eventualities. This involves qualification, physical state and local knowledge to solve unforeseen expenses.

- The selected company must have the capacity to show you the best of those places which you will be visiting. Verify that the photography’s taken to promote their destinies are of own trips with their clients, and not only photos of landscapes.

- Corroborate if the experience of the company corresponds with that published in the web page.

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